Golden West is a concept esports organization inspired by old western culture and meant to represent locales in the western united states. This project was created as part of my senior project 2 based on the research of my project 1 which dabbled into the importance of visual identity for teams in esports. With this project i aimed to build an engaging and visually pleasing brand that would stand out among others in the esports space. The full brand guidelines for Golden West can be accessed here! Inspiration for the general vibe, logo and visual identity can be found here, here and here respectively.
Personally this project has been almost 5 years in the making, with the drive to create a mock Overwatch League branding beginning all the way back in 2019. Though i tried at the time, my skills as a creative were not up to par with what the task required. With the death of Overwatch League in 2023 i thought the time for such a project had passed, however with the advent of OWCS and my required project 2 not all hope was lost. This is the biggest project i've ever worked on by myself and it spans logo design, traditional socials design, concept merchandise culminating in the 24 page brand guideline document. I am so incredibly proud of the work i've completed over the last couple weeks and i hope you enjoy viewing just as much as i did creating.

welcome to the glorious golden west!​​​​​​​

Thank you so much for viewing!

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